Hello. I’m Joe Kowalski, a designer based in New York CityNYC with a focus on motion design and user interface design.UI design.

Some of the clients I’ve been lucky enough to work with include

Avalanche Studios Group, Double Fine, J.P. Morgan, WFMU, IBM

Over the past decade, my work has included branding for billion-dollar franchises, “one of the greatest menus in the history of video games,” an award-winning short film, a billboard featuring Charles Manson, a show about JonBenét Ramsey, four impossible board games, and the user interfaces for over a dozen video games.

My work has been featured on Design Observer, Kotaku, Boing Boing, Pitchfork, and Ad Week. I've given talks at conferences around the world, including GDC, UX Week, and TypeCon.

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